Planner:-World Dance Series-2011 - Apni Maati: Personality


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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Planner:-World Dance Series-2011

SPIC MACAY,Rajasthan Presenmts
World Dance Series-2011
in Association with TATA DOCOMO
Details of The artistes

18-22 APRIL
Vidushi Ashwini Bhide Deshpandey
Hindustani Classical Vocal

20-28 APRIL
Dr. Dipti Omcheri Bhalla

17-22 April
Shree Kewalya Kumar
Hindustani Classical Vocal

20-28 April
Ms. Kapila Venu
Kudiyattam Dance

17-22 April
Ms.Kala Ramnath

22-29 April
Ms. Gauri Diwakar

22-29 April
Ms.Monisa Nayak

10-15 April
Shri Sanjiv-Ashwini Shankar

We would like to request you to send us the number of artistes you like for your chapter/Institute.I would like to request all chapter coordinators and State core group members to be active for this cause.

आदर सहित,   

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