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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shehnai Recital in Mt. Abu

Drenched in heady rains at the shores of the famous Love Lake Nakki,
Mount Abu, the soulful strains of raga Shuddh Sarang followed by a
Thumri in Bhairavi floated in the valley of the oldest mountain ranges
in the world, the Aravellies. It really glorified the teachers’ day
Not remembered by many, these banks have savored music of maestros for
decades. It indeed was one more feather in its cap to have the Shanker
Brothers, Sanjiv and Ashwani with their shehanaies, caressing the
valley and the souls of all the music aficionados gathered at St.
Joseph School Auditorium, right from school students to local
denizens. The concert was held under the aegis of SPICMACAY (Society
for promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture among Youth)
sub-chapter, Mount Abu, sponsored by Hotel Maganjis, St. Joseph
School, and espoused by Rotary Club of Mount Abu!
Shehnai, the king of flutes, albeit, has Persian genesis of its name,
is very much an Indian wind instrument wonder!  Rig Veda called it
‘Naadi’, while Matang saluted it as ‘Mahuvari’ and Sarang lovingly
accosted it as ‘Madukari’. The Mughals honored it with its present
Nomenclature.  About 100 years ago, shehnai was basically a folk
instrument and playing style was very limited. For example, the style
included folk songs from north India especially thumri, daadra,
chaiti, sohar, pujaiya, etc. Because of the efforts of the virtuoso
like Ustaad Bismillah Khan, Pandit Anant Lal, Pandit Daya Shankar the
dimension of shehnai playing was broadened with the introduction of
new technique and style, thus it has become very famous Indian
classical instrument.
Born in a family of musicians of Banaras gharana in which Shehnai &
flute are played for the last 450 years and over, Sanjeev & Ashwani
manifested their strong affinity towards music at the age of seven and
five. Their father Pt. Daya Shankar, himself an internationally
acclaimed Shehnai player boosted his sons’ blooming talent to flourish
with his personal inspiration and guidance.  Sanjeev & Ashwani also
had the privilege to learn Shehnai from their grandfather, the
legendary Shehnai player Pt. Anant Lal. After formal training in
pursuit of proficiency of the highest order both were awarded
scholarship by the Govt. of India, for their outstanding talent in the
field of music.

Dr. A. K. Sharma"

Ekant"Shivaji Marg
Mount Abu - 3075019414153221

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