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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Profile of Modern Artiste AMIT KALLA

Profile of Modern Artiste AMIT KALLA

Amit Kalla born 7 February 1980 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, did Masters in Art and Aesthetics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi & studied Art History from the National Museum Institute specializing in ancient Indian art (Iconography).  Presently researching Bhakti Literature and the artistic notions of Rajasthan & widely observing children response on art mediums, while working as a freelance artist and writer.

The first collection of Amit Kalla’s poems Hone Na Hone Se Pare was awarded the prestigious Jyanpeeth’s Young Poet Award, a national award for emerging poets. He has since published 4 collections including Shabd Shabd Visarjan , Rit - Anrit and One Death God all of which have been critically acclaimed.He participated in Art Singapore, OZ Asia Festival Australia, International writer’s meet UAE. His poems and drawings are widely published in many contemporary Indian literary journals and magazines including Naya Gyanoday , Kritya , Vagarth , Ravivar , Parikatha ,Purvagraha 'ka' Kala Vaichariki , Doaaba ,Samkalin Bhartiya , Kavita Kosh , Navya , Akhar Kalash . He has been one of the assistant coordinators of the Kritya International poetry festival Kritya since 2008 and has been deeply engaged in various art and literary promotional programs through the Ramta Drig Collective a movement inclined towards social change through creativity, which he initiated in 2010. Much of the body of Kalla’s work can be represented by his commitment to experimenting with social engagement through the arts. It is here his strength lies. Through his deep connection to a cultural expression of a universal spirituality and passionate sense of humanity Kalla, continuously draws people from all communities into acts of creativity in the belief that through creativity people are empowered and communities move incrementally closer to truth.

His poetry and paintings are spiritually intuited. While his poems create a secretive world of words, where silence speaks his paintings are calligraphic and draw on the same silent unknowing of invented texts. His paintings represent moments on the continuum; a slice snatched from his deeper hidden journey.The strength of Kalla’s work is that it represents an Indian artist’s quest for an indigenous tenor rather than a superficial inventory of native motifs, there is nothing about his work which relies on a static Indian Identity. In the context of the New India with its glamour and explosive economics, he is searching for a new representation of the innermost dramas of his culture while maintaining universality and individuality. There is a certain naivety in both his painting and writing which represents detachment but contains too a knowing gesture of assurance.

-Daniel Connell, Artist/Writer, Live & Works Australia

Amit Kalla
Born February 07, 1980, Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA, Lives & works Jaipur. 


2005    Masters in Arts & Aesthetics, J.N.U, New Delhi
2003    Studied Art History, N.M.I, New Delhi


2007    Bhartiya Jnanpith Navlekhan Puraskar for Poetry Collection (Hone Na Hone Se Pare) 2007          Satya Shanti Samman
2007    Maru Parampara Puraskar
2011    Prakriti Samman, Jamshedpur
2013    Srajan Samman, International Art & Poetry festival, Dubai

2012    Govt.Art Center, Trivandrum, Kerala
2010    National Youth Conclave,Darbangha, Bihar
2010    J.K K. Jaipur
2008    Canvas Art Gallery, New Delhi
2008    Sudarshan Art Gallery, Bikaner
2007    Nehru center, Mumbai
2007    J.K.K, Jaipur
2006    Art Academy, Bangalore
2005    SAA Art gallery, J.N.U, New Delhi. 
2005    TERI, IHC, New Delhi. 

2013 International Poetry Festival Kritya , MGAHVW, Vardha
2013  Art For Uttrakhand, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
2013    International Art Festival, Mumbai-13, at Coomarswami Museum
2013    International Art Festival, Mumbai-13 Aks Art Gallery & PL Deshpande Gallery, Mumbai
2013    Painting & Poetry Poster, Fahya, Sarjah, UAE
2012    Painting & Poetry Poster,, Dushyant Kumar Museum, Bhopal
2012    REFLECT BACK, Jalap Mohalla, Jodhpur
2012    REFLECT, Art Space Gallery, Adelaide, Australia
2012    International Mask Exhibition, New Delhi, Bhopal & Italy
2012    A Music of Moods, AIFACS, New Delhi
2012    Artistic Extensions, AKS art Gallery, Andhari, Mumbai
2011    Rajasthan Kabir Yatra, Bikaner
2010    Nostalgia, Shankar Deo Kalakshetra, Assam
2010    NCZCC, Allahabad
2010    Punjab Art Council Chandigarh
2009    Lines from, JKK, Jaipur
2009    Wandering Seer, JKK, Jaipur
2009    SPPACE, Conclave on Excellence
2009    Drizzles of colours , Tilting art gallery, Ishania Malla, Pune
2009    National Contemporary Artist Camp NCZCC, Chittrakut
2009    Abhivyakti , LKK Lucknow
2008    Gen Next 3, Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata
2008    Hyatt Residency, New Delhi
2008    Aspirationâ Studio Vasant ,New Delhi
2008    What Creates Life,  Art Hub, Vadodara
2008    Russian Center, New Delhi. 
2007    Athens Art Gallery, Greece
2007    Nithari – the aftermath, Canvas Art, New Delhi
2007    Ananya III, N.I.T  Art gallery, Nagpur. 
2007    Seven Strokes, Academy of Fine Arts & Literature, New Delhi. 
2006    Different lines, drawing show, LALIT KALA academy, New Delhi. 
2006    All India Artist Exhibition, Allahabad. 
2006    Studio Vasant, New Delhi
2006    Mocha, Art & Soul, New Delhi
2006    All India Artist Exhibition, Amritsar
2004    Heart & Soul Gallery, New Delhi
2004    Kala Mela, J.K.K, Jaipur
2003    Fusion 22-Abhinav Art gallery, Jammu
2003    Ankan- J.K.K, Jaipur


2013    Poetry on Canvas, Shahitya Academy, New Delhi
2012    10 Years of Ka, New Delhi
2011    All India Spring Art Camp, Jamshedpur 
2011    All India Spring Art Camp, Ranchi 
2009    All India Art Camp Schindia School, Gwalior 
2009    National Art Camp, Kala Rang Kala Sang, Gwalior
2009    Drashya Paar, Navchaukia, Jodhpur
2009    All India Spring Art Camp, Dhanbad 
2009    KA Art Camp, IKVV, Khairagarh 
2007    Young Artist Camp, Bhimtal, Roy Foundation, New Delhi. 
2006    All India Painters Camp residency Allahabad University. 
2005    All India Painters Camp, Mangali Gaon, Nagpur. 
2005    All India Painters Camp Organized by JAKFAS with 'KA' an art magazine at J&K cultural          academy. 

·         Port Augusta, South Australia
·         Gallery Art Space, Adelaide
·         Khandwa, MP
·         Lokayan, Bikaner
·         Ramta Drig, Jodhpur
·         Dubai & Sharjah
·         Singapore art
·         Nagpur
·         Chandigarh

2013    World Poetry Movement Reading
2013    Parallel Reality, Devlalikar Art Gallery, Indore
2013    Abhivyakti Hindi, Fahya, Sarjah, UAE
2012    Rajasthan Hindi Granth Academy, Jaipur
2012    OZ Asia Festival, Adelaide, Australia
2012    Early Morning Poetry, Shermandal, Purana Quila, New Delhi
2012    Kritya International Poetry Festival, Trivandrum
2012    World Poetry Movement Reading
2011    Bengali Education Society, Dhantauli, Nagpur 
2011    National Young Poet Meet, Sahitya Academy, Jodhpur
2011    SAMMF, Dala, Sonbhadra
2011    Shabd Rang Nirbandh, Ramta Drig, Jodhpur
2011    Kritya International Poetry Festival, Nagpur
2010    Spice & Words, Kaladi, Kerala
2009    India Habitat Center, New Delhi
2009    National Art Camp, Gwalior
2009    Kritya International Poetry Festival, Mysore
2008    Kritya International Poetry Festival, Chandigarh
2008    Reading org by Ka, JKK, Jaipur
2005    SAA Auditorium, JNU, New Delhi 


Lokmat Times, Nagpur, Contemporary Vibes, Chandigarh ; Bhartiya Jyanapith, New Delhi ; Teri, IHC, New Delhi ; Shaitya Academy New Delhi , India ; Athens art, Greece ; Princes Lutsyana, Italy ; Swan gallery & design Florida, U.S.A ; Bruticin Istanbul ; Apollo Hospital New Delhi, Hutch India Pvt. Ltd ; Taj group of hotels ; City bank , ABN AMRO, Foundation For Ecological Security, Bhilwara, Maru Parampara, Bikaner, Art Hub, Vadodra, Salvador Gems, Istanbul, Sahitya Academy, New Delhi, Karma Art Gallery, Ahmadabad, Rainbow Art Gallery, New Delhi, Gallery Art Resource Trust, Mumbai, Kritya Trust, Trivandrum, Center For Adult Education, Jaipur, 


2007    “Hone Na Hone Se Pare (Hindi/Poetry) Bhartiya Jnanpith, New Delhi
2010    “Shabd Shabd Visarjan” (Hindi/Poetry) Publication, New Delhi

Drawings Painting and poetry Published extensively in National and International Magazines

·         Art Therapy workshop, NMI, New Delhi
·         Prakruti Mela workshops in different villages of, Bhilwara,Udaipur and Pratapgarh Districts
·         Attended a workshop on Natural Colors, organized by artist Siddhartha
·         State Level Drama and Theater in Education Workshop, Azim Premji Institute, Jaipur
·         Six Days Follow up workshop of Drama and Theater in Education Workshop, Azim Premji Institute, Jaipur


·         Creative Advisor (Ka) , Navya and Contemporary vibes art magazine,
·         Art coordinator Rajasthan Kabir Yatra ( LOKAYAN ) Bikaner
·         Assistant coordinator for International poetry festival, Kritya
·         Associated with Abhivyakti  Creative Group, UAE
·         Songs & Script Writing for many short films and documentary
·         Knowledge of Cartoon making, clay molding, paper mashie and Installation Art
·         Attached with Unaupcharika Magazine
·         Sub Editor Killol , a book exploring creative aspect of children
·         Organized Bal mella’s  for children, with the support of SPPACE
·         Skilled in making Natural colors 
·         Extensive background in working with students of all ages.
·         Worked for Exhibition titled Ahsaas ek Prayas with Blind Children, NMI, New Delhi
·         Experience in organizing Community Art activities.
·         Running an organization named Ramta Drig for the social change through different creative forms.

About Ramta Drig

The Ramta Drig concept was formed by poet and visual artist, Amit Kalla, in 2008 while he and fellow artist and friend Daniel Connell travelled on long train journey across northern India towards Calcutta.   Based on the notion of the Wandering Seer, a philosophical treatise on the continuous line of seeing and being seen, observance and perception that links all beings, Ramta Drig has become a collective of artists representing all genres interested in broadening and engaging a new audience for the Creativity is at the heart of the Ramta Drig philosophy. In the context of India where gaping extremes exist between communities and individuals, Ramta Drig attempts to create opportunities for crossing boundaries. ‘Creativity is our last hope’ spoke a young woman of Ramta Drig during a recent workshop which brought children from the wealthiest and the poorest communities of a small city together to create music, visual arts and view animated films. ‘Creativity has the potential to provide a spiritual framework like an alternative to religion, support those who need it and challenge the inequalities and injustices that diminish humanity.’ Ramta drig is not aligned with any religious, social or political movement. It is non hierarchical and non profit. It is a fluid but a rigorously supportive and active group of dedicated artists interested in transforming society gently and intelligently from the inside out.


PLACE: Jaipur
DATED: 2013


43, Joshi Colony, Tonk Phatak, Jaipur -302015 
Phone - Mob.- 09413692123

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