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Monday, September 24, 2012

Puppeteer Bhaskar Kogga Kamath

Bhaskar Kogga Kamath

Bhaskar Kogga Kamath, son of Kogga Kamath is a graduate in arts. He is a dynamic youth, zealously attached to this family folk-art like his grand father. He has secured the Young Workers Talent Scholarship of the central government at his tender age of 18 years for a period of three years.
 1978 - France tour, 1979 - Belgium, Holland, 1983 - Australia.
 1983 - France, Geneva, Holland.
 1985 - Germany, France, Holland, Reunion . .1986 - Greece, and Athens.
 1990 - participated in Holland Puppet Festival.
 1994 - participated in National Puppet Festival held at Assam . Subsequently, he secured Central Government Junior Research Fellowship for a period of five years.
 1995 - authored a book in English “ Story of Kogga Kamath Merionets”, giving complete story of Uppinakudru Kamath Gharana Stringed puppetry. This is first documentation work in Uppinakudru Kamath Gharana. He also authored a Book in Kannada about the Foreign Travels of his Puppet Troupe, under the auspices of the Trust, which he founded, viz. “UPPINAKUDRU SRI DEVANNA PADMANABHA KAMATH MEMORIAL YAKSHAGANA GOMBEYATA TRUST (REGD.)”.
 1996 - participated in International Puppet Festival held at Pakistan.
Bhaska Kogga Kamath's Dance 1997- toured Andra Pradesh and Punjab states
   (Jalandar, Amrithsar, Ludhiana, Bhutiala, Ropar etc.)
 Authored “GOMBE PRAPANCHA’’ a Souvenier in Kannada in 1998.
 He successfully participated in KONKANI KALA UTSAV held at New Delhi in Sept. 1998, introduced nerration in KONKANI language for the first time. In December he travelled Kolkatta for participating in International Puppet Festival.
 Nov.1999 - elected a member of the KARNATAKA JANAPADA &
 1999 - France tour.
 In his zealous devotion to this ancient family traditional Folk-art, Bhaskar Kamath even declined a lucrative job offered by a scheduled bank.
 January 2000 -participated with practical demonstration in the INFOSIS PUPPET FESTIVAL at Bangalore organised by well-known philanthropic institution “INFOSIS FOUNDATION”.
 He successfully participated in the International Puppet Festival held at New Delhi in October 2000 sponsored by I.C.C.R.
Puppets eye & mouth, lip movements.Nov. 2001- National Puppet Festival organised by PRITHVI THEATRE Mumbai.
 Feb. 2002 - Bhaskar Kamath felicited from 69th All India Kannada Sammelana - Tumkur.
 March. 2002 - National Puppet Festival held at Chennai by MADRAS CRAFT FOUNDATION.
 June. 2002 - SPIC-MACAY National Convention at Dehra Dun
 Sept. 2002 - International Puppet Festival organised by Ishar Puppet Theatre New Delhi and Breath-taking successful shows ( at great personal risk ) at JAMMU & KASHMIR
   ( for Army Jawans ) .
 Successful tours at GOA in January 2003.
SOOTRA PARVA Inaugural show in the International Puppet Festival in March 2003, organised by Sangeeth Natak Academy, New Delhi.
 Opening ceremony of “GOMBE MANE” (Puppet House ) at Uppinakudru in May 2003.
 December 2003 - Hyderabad Tour organised by NATYARANGA & SPIC- MACAY.
 August 2004 - authored a book “SOOTRA PARVA”, a complete memoir on the life of late KOGGA DEVANNA KAMATH.
 Sept. 2004 - one month Rajastan Tour sponsored by SPIC-MACAY. Introduced Narration in Hindi language for the first time.
 March 2005 - Participated in National Puppet Festival held at Mumbai organised by Sangeeth Natak Academy, New Delhi.
 March 2005 - Participated in 20th NATIONAL CONVENTION held at Manipal sponsored by SPIC-MACAY & MAHE .
The Puppet of HANUMANTHA He alone has given practical demonstration in manipulation of the Yakshagana string puppetry during several national & international festival. Bhaskar Kamath has trained many students like Indian as well as foreign students in Yakshagana puppetry.
 September 2005 - Conducted training course for 10 students under "GURUKULA" system.
 January 2006 - Honoured by Scientist Sri. Kasturirangan at Tata Institute, Bangalore.
 March 2006 - Received "LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" (VIRUDU) by Madras Craft Foundation at Chennai.
 May 2007 - Inauguration of "IRAVATHA", Mini Bus, donated by INFOSYS FOUNDATION BANGALORE.
 May 2007 - Participated in programme sponsored by AZIM PREMJI FOUNDATION, (WIPRO), Bangalore.
 August 2007 - Andhra Pradesh Tour organised by SPIC-MACAY.
 September 2007 - London Tour for 2 months - sponsored by Annapurna Indian Dance Company, Yorkshire, London.
 November 2007 - Japan Tour - sponsored by Foundation Modern Puppet Centre.
 February 2008 - 'ONE PROGRAMME FOR ONE DISTRICT" "UPPINAKUDRU PUPPET TOUR -2008" - Karnataka Tour- First time in the history of Uppinakudru Yakshagana Puppetry- sponsored by Infosys Foundation, Bangalore.
 February 2008 - Received "KALA CHETHANA" award from Kalachethana,Academy Gadag.
 June 2008 - Received ''Prof. VAJRA KUMAR AWARD" from Dr. Veerendra Hegade at Vidyagiri, Dharwad.
 Sept. 2008 -visited Interlaken, Swizerland for demonstration.
 Jan. 2009 - visited Singapore along with the Troupe,.
This tour is sponsored by Dr. Sudhamurthy, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation.
 "SOOTRA ABHIYANA " (Kannada) and Colour pamphlets (English) THE STRING TRADITION AND UPPINAKUDRU YAKSHAGANA STRING PUPPETS - Book and Pamphlet releasing function held on 19th April 2009 at Kundapura.

 Nov. 2009, - Participated in International Pupepet Festival held at Thailand on theoccasion of King’s Birthday Celebration sponsored by I.C.C.R. New Delhi.
 April 2010 - Bhaskar Kamath Selected as a Panel Member of Fellowship Selection Committee under Cultural Ministry, Govt. Of India, New Delhi.
 May 2010 – Visited London (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, U.K.) with the Troupe for programme sponsored by Dr. Sudhamurthy, Chair Person, Infosys Foundation, Bangalore.
 October 2010 – Participated and given the programme in the Celebration of Masks, Puppets and Picture showmen Tradions of India sponsored by Indira Gandhi Art Centre, New Delhi.
 November 2010 – Received State Award - 2010 from Sri. Yediyurappa, Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka.
 January 2012 – visited Japan for workshop sponsored by Modern Puppet Center, Kawasaki city, Japan.
 April 2012 – visited Paris, France along with Troupe to participate in " Festival De I'Imaginaire -2012," sponsored by Maison Des Cultures Du Monde, Paris.
YOGA BY PUPPETS by Bhaskar Kogga kamathHOBBIES
Photography, Dancing, Painting, Cartooning and writing.
* Innovated new techniques of eye & mouth, lip movements.
* Introduction of puppet animals and birds in the puppet shows.
* New technique in the Stage-craft in the puppet shows.
* New fashioned light & shade technique introduced.
* Songs & narrations (interpretations) introduced in 
Konkani & Hindi for the respective audience.
* Given new dimension to Yakshagana Puppetry through practical demonstration in dance and Manipulation of the stringed Puppets.
SPIDER PUPPET* Innovated a unique trial performance of “YOGA BYPUPPETS”.
* The Puppet of HANUMANTHA, growing to a full size, a magnificent & astonishing feat.
* Innovated new INDIAN PUPPET of new technique in movement of the Puppet by using rods and strings.
* Innovated new technique in movement and Manipulation of SPIDER PUPPET.
* Innovated new writing puppet.
* Innovated duck , wormtortoise puppets etc.
* Innovated stick dance puppet.
Presidents Award (1966); fellowship from Sangeeth Nataka Academy of New Delhi (1976); National Award (1980); Rajyotsava Award (1993); TULSI SANMAN of Madhya Pradesh Government (1995); State Award (2010).

नमस्कार,अगर इस जीवन परिचय में आपको कोई कमी या कोइ नई बात जोड़नी/घटानी हो तो अछुती इस पेज का लिंक विषय लिखते हुए  हमें इस पते पर ई-मेल करिएगा.ताकी हम इसे अपडेट कर सकें-सम्पादक 

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